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WARNING – DISTRESSING CONTENT: A military expert who has viewed the horrifying video of the Christchurch gunman opening fire, in one of two attacks which killed at least 49 people and wounded 48 others, says it reveals some telling information.

In bodycam footage uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, which appears to be a live stream, the man gets into his car, looks into the camera and drives up to Masjid Al Noor mosque on Deans Avenue in central Christchurch on Friday afternoon.

New Zealand Police are urging people not to share the “distressing” raw footage of the attack, which is circulating online and said it was working on having the video removed from the internet.

Matt Bunker, a former Special Forces officer with 16 years experience, spoke to Michael Usher on 7News on Friday evening, in the wake of the tragedy.

The military expert said he is familiar with the weaponry the Christchurch shooter used to open in the video.

The attacks were carried out at two mosques, killing at least 49 and wounding 48 more.

“The individual has approached the mosque with some pretty high-powered weapons. What looks like to be a semi-automatic shotgun – fully loaded,” Mr Bunker said.

“He’s put an extra round up the spot for maximum effect. He’s also switched to what appears to be some type of AR-15 platform.”

The weapons expert said it was “almost impossible” to gain access to those types of weapons in Australia.

The shooter didn’t show any “military tactics” as he moved through the mosque, Mr Bunker added.

He said it was unclear whether he had a military background of any kind.

“Everything seemed pretty indiscriminate. But he did seem to move with purpose which kind of says he has probably done some recognisance in the area before and knows where he was going,” he said.

“He wasn’t using any cover or concealment when he was moving. It was more of the thrill for him by the looks of it.”

The Aussie gunman at the centre of the Christchurch attack

An Australian-born citizen has issued a 74-page “manifesto” saying he carried out the fatal shootings at Christchurch mosques to avenge the deaths of thousands in Europe.

The man, who identified himself on Twitter as Brenton Tarrant from Australia prepared his manifesto titled “The Great Replacement” and posted it on a message board website.

Australian prime minister Scott Morrison confirmed an Australian citizen is one of four in custody after describing the attack as a “callous right-wing extremist attack by terrorists”.

A total of three men and one woman have been arrested. One man, aged 28, has now been charged with murder and will appear in a Christchurch court tomorrow.