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Our Services

Highly experienced in the delivery of risk and security solutions in uncertain, complex and hostile environments, we use only field-tested tactics, techniques and procedures to support and protect our clients’ interests.

Our focused range of specialised services ensures greater organisational resilience and defences for an organisation’s critical assets. We tailor our services for each individual client.


Full Spectrum Vulnerability Study

Our customised approach examines the full spectrum of threats that your organisation and industry may face. We highlight current areas of exposure, work through a detailed analysis of previous incidents to help further understand your position, and build solutions based on the gaps identified.

We address organisational security from every angle.


Physical And Technical Risk Assessment

Our concept of evaluation is based on an unique i3 model, where all physical and technical components of an organisation’s security framework must be proven to be interactive, interoperable and fully integrated.

The concept promotes continuous improvement through both active and passive measures to detect, deter and deny likely threats.

Information Architecture Assessment

We employ leading subject matter experts and partner with the industry’s most advanced technology experts to conduct a total assessment of an organisation’s existing information architecture.

We are always vendor- and solution-neutral and only provide solutions based on the effectiveness and suitability for a given problem.


Security Policy Development

We have many years’ experience developing and helping implement security policy across a number of sectors and across a variety of geographic locations.

We are able to provide assistance and recommendations to already established programs, or we are capable of formulating new policy using our comprehensive and tested approach.

Employee Amd Contractor Vetting

We are able to conduct broad-ranging background checks to give a detailed and thorough insight into potential new employees, contractors, suppliers and affiliates.

We conduct comprehensive employer and colleague interviews, qualification verifications, financial and credit histories, as well as social media appraisals.

Interviews And Investigations

With many years experience in Human-Intelligence and investigation and interrogation techniques, we are uniquely placed to examine and report on sensitive internal issues where confidentiality and organisational integrity is of paramount importance.

All investigations are conducted with the highest regard for client confidentiality and information integrity.