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“We must be prepared to ask and answer the hardest of questions. If we do not, then we merely have the illusion of security.“

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What We Do

ARX Risk delivers holistic, 360º resilience solutions and strategy to protect against the threats of economic espionage, organised crime, issue-motivated groups and malicious insiders.

We work closely with both organisations and private individuals to protect business-critical assets, reputation and highly valuable intellectual property (IP).

By developing robust strategies for defence and deterrence; enhancing security frameworks; and increasing organisational and personal security awareness, we help manage strategic and operational risk and mitigate the most likely and the most damaging of threats.

Identifying And Protecting Ctirical Assets

Critical Infrastructure

Essential Personnel/Talent

Proprietary Technologies

Intellectual Property

One of the first and most important steps in the development of resilient security frameworks is the identification and subsequent classification of an organisation’s critical assets. Only then can we work to protect an organisation’s “crown jewels”. It is also crucial to understand the multi-dimensional connective tissue that links these assets and potentially creates areas of threat.

Bridging The Gap – An Holostic Approach

Many organisations display a blinkered view of organisational security, with a myopic focus on perceived areas of weakness or particular threat vectors; often with a disproportionate focus on cyber-security. Effective protection strategies must encompass all elements of an organisation’s structure, culture, people, processes and future.





Our Vulnerability Studies and unique approach to physical and technical risk assessment give a total view of an organisation’s security framework and help bridge the gap between its human, physical and technical elements.

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